Jonathan Baltrusaitis

Filmmaker - Writer - Designer -

App Developer - Instructor

What’s going on?

• My documentary "Rise of the Trolls" is airing on ABC Four Corners in Australia.

• I'm developing several long-form documentaries.

• I'm developing more children's educational apps with Busy Brain Media.

• I am working with Kawasaki Disease Canada to spread awareness of this scary childhood disease that affected my son.

• I teach three courses in the University of Waterloo's Global Business and Digital Arts program.

• I'm re-designing this website.

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I co-wrote, edited and did some shooting for "Infestation", a riveting four-part documentary series about invasive species produced by Stornoway Productions. This clip is the bed bugs segment; not for the squeamish! My son is featured.

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I designed, co-wrote, shot and edited this 'walk-around' video for Tigercat Forestry. Field footage shot by Tigercat personnel was integrated.

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"Radiant City" has attained a kind of cult status in the documentary genre. It won numerous awards including the Genie for Best Documentary. Gary Burns and Jim Brown directed and I edited. Watch the trailer (right) or watch the entire film at the National Film Board site.


I have cut several full-length concert films that aired in Europe and on PBS in the States. This clip is of "RAIN", the world's best Beatles tribute band performing "Hey Jude".


CMT's "Pick a Puppy" is a really fun, high-energy show that was a pleasure to edit. I've been amazed to learn just how big an audience it has, but I suppose that shouldn't  come as a surprise; puppies are irresistable.


I have edited several feature films and earned a "Best Editor" nomination at the Gemini Awards for one of them. My most recent film was the dark, quirky comedy "Unlucky" directed by Ian Robertson. Warning - this clip contains some filthy language!


Ian Tyson is deeply introspective and honest as he looks back at his life and career in "Songs from the Gravel Road." I managed to tell the story without narration, which was a challenge given the multiple storytelling threads that had to be woven through. It is one of my favourite projects to date.


I wrote, directed, shot and edited this how-to video for Wright Landscape Services. I believe in direct, succinct communication and that really comes across here.


I have edited and written several wildlife documentaries. "Wild Horses of the Canadian Rockies" was by far the most ambitious, following the first year in the life of a wild foal. I edited, co-wrote, shot footage in the field and directed the shoot with the wolves.

Selected clips, film and television


A quirky beer commercial for "Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale." I edited it and composed/performed the music.

I produced, directed, shot b-camera and edited this promotional video for the Stratford Festival's Prologue Series.


I directed, co-wrote, and edited and "Rise of the Trolls", a documentary that explores the phenomenon of internet trolling. It was the most difficult storytelling challenge of my career. This doc is full of surprises and will leave you thinking.